1999 Recommendations

Fant-Asia had another great line-up this year, and a lot more Japanese and horror films than ever. There was an unfortunate lack of sword-and-magic and martial-arts Hong Kong films this year (with the exception of John Woo's early film The Last Hurrah for Chivalry, and a few others) mostly due to the fact that Hong Kong productions have drifted away from that genre, but the sheer quantity of other good titles made up for it.

Here's the short (and long) list of movies that I recommended, either because I'd seen them, seen other movies by the same creative team, or because there was good word-of-mouth by critics and/or audiences. You can also see how they fared by checking the review.

Short List:


Long List (includes the titles above):

If you're interested in other great Hong Kong flicks, try the Top 20 Hong Kong Films list.

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