2000 Recommendations

The obvious differences in this year's line-up of Fant-Asia films is the fact that the large majority of the films are quite recent (1998 and after), as well as the awful lack of Hong-Kong films in the line-up. Mind you, this last point is not a fault of the Fant-Asia committee but one caused by Hong Kong's actual movie production slow-down. On the other hand, the number of Japanese films makes up the difference with a good half of the films from that country, and most of them horror films at that (probably thanks in no small part to the success of last year's Ring). Anime films are also in evidence, as are an increasing number of productions from other Asian countries and (finally!) two from India as well. Fant-Asia has also associated themselves with the Just-for-Laughs festival also going on in Montreal at the same time, and is showing comedies from around the globe as well. If only the festival had more time and more theatres!

Here's the short (and long) list of movies that I would recommend, either because I've seen them, seen other movies by the same creative team, or because there's good word-of-mouth from critics and/or audiences.

Short List:


Long List (includes the titles above):


Curious about last year's selection or recommended films? Check out the Fant-Asia 1999 Recommendations page.

If you're interested in some previously-released, great Hong Kong flicks, try the Top 20 Hong Kong Films list.

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